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Alamal Advanced Medical Company
Together for better health

Al-Amal Company was established in the beginning of 1997 AD, as the beginning of its establishment was the first branch of Al-Amal Pharmacy Group, from which the group started to expand its business and activities in the field of health and pharmaceutical services, medicines, cosmetics, and child care until the number of medical complexes and clinics reached 6 centers and the number of pharmacies to 100 branches In the southern region (Jazan and Asir), and the group is in continuous growth and expansion, God willing


Alamal Pharmacies Group

For more beautiful health

More than 100 pharmacies in the south of the Kingdom to provide health care, beauty care and family care services

Alamal Medical Complex

Complete care

Alamal Medical Complex offers an integrated range of medical services in various medical specialties

Alamal Dental Center

Your smile matters to us

Alamal Dental Center is a center specialized in medicine and cosmetic dentistry

First Clinic Center

Your health and beauty

A center specialized in the field of dentistry, dermatology, laser and cosmetics

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We are proud of our partners, strengthen our relationship with them, and strive with them to develop and build a strong strategic relationship that contributes to raising the level of providing our health services.